QUEST 79 : 7/9 Event 2021

On the 7/9 (7th September 2021), we are aiming to create a very special day around Quest 79 and our purpose of enhancing INNER GOLD. We are going to bring together a virtual event with 79 ‘Inner Gold Guides’: that is magical people committed to enhancing positive energy from around the world. Specifically, we would love to have 79 different countries involved, and invite people to join specific sessions led by these individuals. All the ‘Inner Gold Guides’ will have different methods, modalities and ways of working, from meditation to energy work, inspirational talks and insights, and other natural healing practices. The variety will enhance the appeal for more people to take part and help us raise money for charities on that day.

The idea of the day is inspired by a super special and giving Quest 79’er, Rachel Earing, Energy Therapist and Founder of the Training College Live4Energy. Rachel carried out a beautiful Quest 79 of 79 Healings in 79 Hours starting on the 79th Day of the year – 20th March 2021. This event on the 7/9 is being led and coordinated by Rachel in her mission to bring energy therapy and healing modalities to the forefront of mental health assistance in the world.

“Everything is Energy.” Albert Einstein

We would really love for you to take part in this special day of positive energy, more relevant now than ever in a pandemic that has affected many people’s mental and physical health. To see an up-to-date list of all the Inner Gold Workers, please follow this link and to sign up to join in the day please register here at ‘YES PLEASE SIGN ME UP’.

Participation is free although we invite donations to either the work of Quest 79 or a charity of your choice. Examples of the kinds of sessions available include:-

  • Energy Therapy & Quest 79 co-host Rachel Earing, Live 4 Energy
  • A conversation with Tal Ben-Shahar, creator of the most popular course in Harvard University’s history, on Positive Psychology and Happiness – top tips on happiness here
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) session with Brad Yates
  • Brainspotting for expansion of performance with Federico Rodriguez

We are planning to carry out some research to assess any shifts and improvements in frequency and severity of symptoms that people taking part in any of the events on 7/9 may have been experiencing. If you would like to offer a session for people to join on the day as an ‘Inner Gold Guide’ please get in touch.

We welcome your potential involvement and any other ideas or contribution you would like to make to enhancing the energy, research or success of this event.   

There will be no charge for taking part, but you are invited to donate to the work of either a charity of your choice, or to support the ongoing work of rippling inspiration and supporting people to find Inner Gold via Quest 79.

Countries involved so far include:-

  • Czech Republic
  • England
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Lithuania
  • Norway
  • Northern Ireland
  • Spain
  • USA
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