Pole of Possibility

Raising £79K for The Spinal Injuries Association

We are proud to have the ‘World’s Greatest Living Explorer’, Ranulph Fiennes as Pole of Possibility patron.

Living a life of adventure and a quest for the limits of what’s possible, Sir Ranulph is a perfect patron for the Pole of Possibility. In his words, “Nothing is impossible for those who dare”.

The Plan

In January 2022, a small, diverse team of varied age and physical ability will take a journey to 79 degrees latitude and longitude…a unique new pole, to represent all that is POSSIBLE when we allow our ideas to seed, and when people, passion and purpose come together. THE POLE OF POSSIBILITY is  an iconic reminder that individually and collectively we are all capable of more than we imagine. It will be at 79 degrees latitude and longitude in the Antarctic continent*. The project champions:

  • The power of personal change – being bold & brave, with purpose & principles, we can each positively influence the communities we live in & help solve big global problems of modern times.
  • The role of Antarctica in global environmental health

*Why 79?  79 is the atomic number of gold – this is representing INNER GOLD, the possibility within us all to be the best version of ourselves, and to make a difference to the community and world around us. The idea is inspired by Paralympic Champion Karen Darke MBE who won gold, the 79th medal for her country in the Rio Paralympic Games 2016. Karen has since cycled 7 continents in 9 long rides following major coastlines, rivers and water sources: water being modern-day gold that we need to protect to conserve our wellbeing and planet. The journey to create the Pole of Possibility in Antarctica will be the ultimate continent for the Quest 79 Project, and champions the need to preserve this vast continent of frozen water. Karen is also raising £79K for a charity close to her heart, The Spinal Injuries Association

More at www.karendarke.com/quest79

The Journey

The team will ski from a point near the Antarctic adventure base at Union Glacier, across remote and un-travelled ice in the most hostile environment on the planet. Extreme temperatures and winds, combined with the physical diversity of the team will stretch and challenge them. The team will leave a physical landmark, THE POLE OF POSSIBILITY: an inspirational legacy, at 79 degrees latitude and longitude.

The S79° W079° intersection will be reached from Union Glacier by skiing 79 nautical miles over the Skytrain Ice Rise. This route, marked in blue, involves crossing a crevassed ‘shear margin’ between the Ice Rise and the Ronne Ice Shelf, bringing extra challenge to the journey. 

Paralympic champion handcyclist Karen will journey by sit-ski, propelled only by her arms and leaving her wheelchair behind. The extra challenges involved with being paralysed are body temperature control and personal care in such an extreme environment. The others will ski towing pulks with all the equipment to survive and be self-supporting in the icy wilderness.

The team will begin their journey to the POLE OF POSSIBILITY at Union Glacier, at the south of the Antarctic Peninsula
The proposed route (blue) from Union Glacier (UG) via the Skytrain Ice Rise to create the POLE OF POSSIBILITY at 79/79

The Message

We aim to inspire thousands of young people around the world to believe in themselves and their dreams, and to champion the possibility that being BOLD and BRAVE, with PURPOSE and PRINCIPLES we can solve big global problems of modern times, including climate change. 

We will transmit a live broadcast to young people around the world from the POLE OF POSSIBILITY in January 2022. Learning from scientists and environmentalists, we will communicate the vital role of Antarctica in maintaining global equilibrium. No-where on the planet are the effects of human impact on environment more apparent, yet the protection of this important continent is under threat when the Antarctic Treaty expires. 

The journey is a call to action about the power we each have to do more than we believe possible, to positively affect personal change, community change and thus global change.

The Team

The team of six represent the ultimate in diversity:

Karen Darke MBE: Paralympic gold-medallist, Guiness Record holder & adventurer www.karendarke.com  

Karen could be described as a modern-day ‘Alchemist’, her life committed to exploring that is possible when the right mindset, commitment and good people come together. An adventurer, athlete, speaker and author, Karen’s purpose is about inspiring and impacting, about turning challenge into opportunity. A life-changing accident led Karen to becoming paralysed from the chest-down. She found new ways to access the wilderness and outdoors, and has since hand-cycled across the world’s biggest mountain ranges and alongside some of the longest rivers, sit-skied across the Greenland icecap and climbed the iconic rock-face of El Capitan. A decade of Paralympic handcycling took Karen to a gold medal in the Rio 2016 Paralympic Gams.  It was the 79th medal for Britain, and led to Karen creating Quest 79. The project has Karen cycling 7 continents in 9 iconic rides, raising £79K for Spinal Injuries and encouraging people to step out of their comfort zones and discover passion, purpose or ability: their ‘inner gold’. The Pole of Possibility will be the last of these ‘Quests’.

Craig Mathieson: Polar explorer & founder of The Polar Academy www.thepolaracademy.org

Craig is a polar explorer who is ‘Explorer-in-Residence’ with Royal Scottish Geographical Society. He successfully led the first dedicated Scottish Expedition to the South Pole in 2004, man-hauling his sledge 730 miles over the Antarctic continent and two years later led an expedition to the Geographical North Pole, taking a 16-year-old boy as part of his team.

He late founded ‘The Polar Academy’, www.thepolaracademy.org, taking young adults from a variety of backgrounds and inspiring them through participation in Arctic expeditions. The young adults targeted for the expeditions are not those who fit the profile of the either high achievers or the other extreme, for which there is an abundance of initiatives already in existence. The Polar Academy aims to help the average young adult who struggles through life; surviving without recognition, and without ever truly realizing their full potentiall.

Iona Somerville: Polar Academy graduate & role model Iona Somerville is 19 years old and studying Sports Therapy at Edinburgh College. Iona’s journey started when she was just 14 years old and was selected by The Polar Academy, to train and to take part in an Arctic Expedition to Greenland, completed in April 2016. Iona and the rest of the team have since gone on to inspire their peers, talking to thousands of other young people about their experience: demonstrating what is possible when a goal is set and a team come together, despite previous lack of self-worth or belief. Iona’s confidence has since taken a knock through trauma she experienced when part of the crowd at the Ariana Grande concert and bombing in Manchester. Iona is a determined young role model who would love to go on to inspire others and make people see that anything is possible. 

Mike Webster: Award-winning filmmaker 

Mike is a filmmaker, cameraman and director specialising in the outdoor world. With travels and expeditions in Amazon and the Americas, across Europe and into Africa and Asia under his belt, his award winning films have been screened around the world, whether on the Banff Mountain Film Festival World tour, film festivals, or shooting for broadcast (BBC, ITV, SKY).

However, it always comes down to the most important thing – concept and story. This expedition will yield a Feature Length Documentary on the expedition, exploring the one-of-a-kind expedition, the unique group involved, combined with Karen’s incredible story, and what has brought her to this point. Always looking to better his previous work, this is a unique opportunity to “Go Big”; An incredible story of tragedy and glory, an opportunity to study both human health and planetary health, mixed with exploring un-tread territory, in a landscape like no other on earth.

Simon Darke: Corporate Sponsorship

Simon is Karen’s brother, and has over the many decades since Karen was paralysed, joined her on various ‘exploits’ from cycle adventures to the Paralympic Games. Also a sportsman with a penchant for adventure, he balances being a father of three with running a busy construction company and training for swim-run, ironman and other stretching challenges. His family have been fully immersed in Quest 79 fundraising events, including a family cycle ride of 79 miles and Karen’s nephew Archie joining the cycle journey across Europe. Together they have raised a significant sum for the charity, The Spinal Injuries Association. Simon brings his people skills, positive attitude, and problem-solving skills to the team, and is helping coordinate corporate partnerships for the team to journey in Antarctica.

Kevin Benstead: Project Management & Logistics

Kevin is an award winning project manager with over 15 years of experience within the construction industry. He accompanied Karen on the Quest 79 ride following the River Ganges through India, and has participated in numerous cycle and trekking events around the country. The journey in Antarctica will be a step into the previously “impossible” for Kevin, due to his long commitment to family and work, though he has always been inspired by mountains and wilderness. A significant stride into the unknown compared to ‘routine’, he will bring his expertise in logistics and project planning to help the team reach the Pole of Possibility.