The Pole of Possibility

A unique, inspiring Antarctic journey

POP stands for the ‘POLE OF POSSIBILITY’. This is a unique Antarctic challenge, to journey to a never-before visited point in Antartica at the intersection of 79, 79 degrees latitude and longitude; representing all that is possible when we discover our INNER GOLD.

“Possibility is a state of mind. When we change our mind we have the ability to change our reality, and our positive action ripples out and inspires those around us. Karen Darke MBE

The ‘POLE OF POSSIBILITY’ is the last of the original Quest 79 challenge by founder Karen Darke to cycle / journey the length of rivers and oceans on 7 continents. The small diverse team will be stretched further from their comfort zones than ever before in the wild icy Antarctic continent, to carry the message of possibility to create a this new pole. The project is in partnership with The Polar Academy, and embodying the value of inspiration through exploration.

Meet the team here. The ‘World’s Greatest Living Explorer’, Ranulph Fiennes is The Pole of Possibility patron. Living a life of adventure and a quest for the limits of what’s possible, Sir Ranulph is a perfect patron for the Pole of Possibility. In his words, “Nothing is impossible for those who dare”.

Our Message?

We aim to inspire thousands of young people around the world to believe in themselves and their dreams, and to embrace our message around ICE: Inner Gold; Connection; Environment. Being brave enough to seek our inner gold, connect with others, and respect and embrace our environment, then personal change can lead to local and global change.

The journey is a call to action about the power we each have to do more than we believe possible, to positively affect personal change, community change and thus global change. No-where on the planet are the effects of human impact on environment more apparent, and the team will share messages and learning about this important continent and how a shift in the way we think and live is so important.

POP Values?
Our values spell ICE:
I : INNER GOLD – the resilience, strengths, and golden, confidence-giving qualities we all have inside us.
C : CONNECTION – when we do something surprising we inspire those around us; we help each other be better versions of ourselves.
E : ENVIRONMENT – the role of nature in human & planetary wellbeing & our responsibility to enjoy, appreciate & protect it.

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Raising £79K for The Spinal Injuries Association

The team will begin their journey to the POLE OF POSSIBILITY at Union Glacier, at the south of the Antarctic Peninsula
The proposed route (blue) from Union Glacier (UG) via the Skytrain Ice Rise to create the POLE OF POSSIBILITY at 79/79