The POLE OF POSSIBILITY aims to inspire thousands of young people around the world to believe in themselves and their dreams, and to champion the possibility that being BOLD and BRAVE, with PURPOSE and PRINCIPLES we can solve big global problems of modern times, including climate change. 

The journey will be filmed to produce a thought-provoking and educational documentary about THE POLE OF POSSIBILITY.

The team are working closely with the world-leading educational organisation STEM to inspire and educate young people in primary & secondary schools across the UK. The team will live-stream with schools during their journey, on key technological and environmental issues, and on the critical role of Antarctica regarding climate change. 

Live Broadcast
There will be a live broadcast to young people around the world from the POLE OF POSSIBILITY in January 2022. Learning from scientists and environmentalists, the team will communicate the vital role of Antarctica in maintaining global equilibrium. No-where on the planet are the affects of human impact on environment more apparent, yet the protection of this important continent is under threat when the Antarctic Treaty expires.

POP Challenge
Schools and young people are also invited to take part in the POP Challenge