POP Flag

We will create a flag to plant at the POLE OF POSSIBILITY, with the names of the schools, individuals, families, or teams who have joined in the POP Challenge. Our most inspiring or unusual stories, along with our top fundraisers will have a place on the flag that we plant. Inspire yourselves and inspire those around you. We all need some of that right now!

A huge thank you to these inspirational people and teams so far…

Broadford Primary School
Christine Graham & Kevin Benstead
Dalton-Morris Family
Darke Family
Doug Low
Hall-Crossley Family
Mark Pitcher, Smash The Box
Marriage Family
Moray Scouts
Patel Family
Reddiford School
Rowan Purrett
Stoneyhurst School
The Handlebras

Why not join in?! Read more at POP Challenge

Image source: https://www.vectorstock.com/6339755