Quest 79 medal

We hope you like our new virtual medal so that we can say thank you and recognise all of you that take part in Quest 79! Each and every one of you that participates are having a positive impact not only on your own life, but in spreading inspiration to those who you connect with. When we see others doing something over and above the ‘normal’, then it positively impacts everyone by begging the questions ‘What could I do?’ or ‘How could I contribute more?’ or ‘How can I make my world or the world around me a better place?’.

We are so grateful to the team and designers at Hi-Create in Inverness. Quest 79 began in Inverness, with a launch event at Eden Court Theatre  ‘coincidentally’ held on 7/9 ! Since then we have slowly and organically grown, spreading inspiration like a positive virus. We hope you will be inspired to join in.