POP Gold Club

“Possibility is a state of mind. When we change our mind we have the ability to change our reality: personally, locally and globally. Collectively we can create a better world”.
Karen Darke MBE

The POP Gold Club is for businesses & organisations who want to help create a better world. You know that engaging your employees and making a difference are important. The challenges of our time make resilience, community and chartering new opportunities more central than ever. Break boundaries, stand for something special and different, and join us in the POLE OF POSSIBILITY.

Engage and motivate your staff
Inspire the wider communities you operate in
Be centre-piece on a flag of inspiration for the planet
Elect for a place on our Antarctic training in Queen Maud Land
OR sponsor an emerging young leader to participate.

We have a maximum of 12 places available for this unique opportunity. A place on the flag is £10K. There is also the invitation to join us for an exclusive training & personal development experience in either Greenland (April 2022) or Antarctica (November 2022).

Exact dates are to be confirmed but if you would like your business to be part of this unique project to inspire a better world, please get in touch with Karen, +44 7810 590244 or via the contact page or form below.

“What we do or dream we can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it”. Goethe

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