79 Swims

We have a couple of individuals putting in some impressive and unique swim challenges!

Elaine Mochrie challenged herself to 79 cold water swims between winter and summer solstice – with no wetsuit! That averages out at 3 swims a week – how brave! … or crazy?! Elaine has swum in all types of water from the North Sea to icy ponds. Cold water swimming has many benefits such as increasing your metabolism.

Ally Meredith is also on a Quest 79 to do 79 sea swims. 79 days in a row. For a minimum distance of 79 meters: and on the day we post this the sea was 7.9 degrees! Ally is being super disciplined throughout his challenge, constantly showing up to take on the cold water.

The coldest sea temp Ally faced was 7.1°C! No doubt Ally and Elaine will feel truly revitalised and accomplished after completing his Quest 79.