79 Podcasts

Welcome to the MESSY RAINBOWS podcast. Two incredible young sisters, ages 6 and 9 started a podcast during Covid-19 lockdown to help other kids with ‘messy heads’. They are interviewing a diverse range of people covering topics from how to love yourself and manage your emotions, to gardening, crafting, journaling and all sorts of topics connected to mental health and wellbeing particularly for children. They have decided to connect with Quest 79 and produce 79 podcasts throughout the pandemic to remind everyone that even though heads can get messy, there are always colourful rainbows inside.

There is a great exploration of what they are doing connected to Quest 79 in this podcast with The Entrepreneur’s Doctor. Well worth a listen and if this episode is too long for you, try some of the others that are around 5 to 10 minutes in length.

We things these girls are amazing!!!