79 Energy Healings

In the spirit of Quest 79, Rachel Earing of www.live4energy.co.uk is stepping beyond her usual work and going for it! If you are interested in receiving an energy healing, Rachel is offering 79 energy healings to 79 people, within 79 hours, on the 79th day of this year: 20th March 2021. She will offer the healing in small groups to make it all the more powerful, and is raising funds for Derian House www.derianhouse.co.uk , a children’s hospice offering respite and end of life care to children across the northwest of England. We love the love that Rachel is putting out there with this, and hope that you do too. She is also planning a future event where 79 healers will group together to offer healing even further and wider. Please contact Rachel via her website if you are interested.